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      There are two different types of medals given to the Imperial Order Officers. The Medals of Merit are given out for outstanding performance for the Empire, while the Battle Medals are awarded for taking part in the Imperial Order Battles. Additionaly there are a few Medals only given out by the Dark Jedi Order. These Dark Jedi Order medals are not listed here.
       Medals of Merit 

      Medals of Merit are given out for many different reasons, but all center around an officer's ability, dedication, and determination to their work and to excel in that work. The following medals are categorized in order from highest to lowest and a brief description is provided for each medal. The medals themselves can be found in the Merit Medal section of the IO Flight Office.
      Battle Medals

      Battle medals are awarded to pilots and officers upon completion of an Imperial Order Battle. Once a pilot file for that battle is submitted to the commanding officer, the CO verifies the completion and awards the member with a battle medal for whichever Battle was completed.

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