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This Tutorial will help you to create your Uniform for the Imperial Order. To do so you will need a graphic program that allows you to work with .gif and .jpg files.

It's easier for you to find the files if you copy all the picture files you need for creating your uniform into one directory. You will find all necessary files for your uniform in the Flight Office Uniform Aquisition Center.

Many of the pictures and file are not in the correct size to add them to you uniform right away. You must resize the graphics to the proper sizes. Here is a list of sizes in pixels:

  • The rank insignia should have a height of 40 (the width varies with the rank)
  • All medal ribbons have the size 20 x 4 (some may have to be sized without keeping the ratio)
  • The medal width is 20 (the height varies)

The Imperial Order has two different Uniforms. One is the Standard Uniform for your day to day work and the second is the Ceremonial Uniform for special occasions. Besides the basic Uniform there is another important difference between those. The Standard Uniforms will have only ribbons, while you use the medals on the ceremonial one.

When you create your first Imperial Order Uniform you probably won't have any medals. So simply take a look at the Example animation below to get started:

When you are an active member of the Imperial Order you will soon see promotions and awards. To add them be aware that the order and places are defined as well.
  • There are always 4 medal ribbons (or medals) in one row (if you have less than 4 they will be centered)
  • Medals of Merit go on your left chest
  • Battle Medals go you your right chest
  • All medals will only be used once (even if you have been awarded with the same medal twice)
  • All medals of merit are sorted from the highest to the lowest
  • All battle medals are sorted by the battle number, starting with Battle 1

Maybe another example will make things easier here:

The Position Cylinder Combinations:
  • Ship Commander (SC) - Two on each side
  • Ship Captain (SCPT) - Two on the right, one on the left
  • Wing/Regiment Commander (WC/RC) - One on each side
  • Squadron/Platoon Commander (CMDR/PCMDR) - Two on the right
  • Squadron/Platoon XO (SXO/PXO) - One on the right
  • Flight/Squad Leader - (FL/SL) - One on the left
  • Flight/Squad Member- (FM/SL) - no cylinder displayed

The Position Cylinder Colors:
(in descending order of the picture)
  • Tactical Office: Yellow
  • War Office: Slate
  • Dark Jedi Order: Purple
  • Morale Office: Red
  • Logistics Office: Orange
  • Chief of Operations Office: Gray
  • Intelligence: Green
  • Communications Office: Cyan
  • Training Office: Silver
  • Flight Office: Blue
  • Imperial Command Authority: Black
  • Standard Line Officers: Double Black

It should be noted that in the cylinder graphics, there are four of each cylinder. This better allows for the appropriate combinations to be displayed.
Lastly a word to those of you who are also members of the Dark Jedi Order. While the medals are used on your standard Unifrom the Dark Jedi Order insignia is not. They are only for the Tunika and not for the Imperial Order Uniform

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